Scholarship Program

The FOCUS of the Scholarship Program is to stimulate further development in the field of facilities management and to advance the purposes of the Association.  The PURPOSE is to provide financial assistance to qualifying Association members who strive for job enhancement through education and training.

The GAPPA Board of Directors, based on recommendations from the Scholarship Committee, will select scholarship recipients.  Scholarships will be awarded on an individual basis.  (Both APPA and SRAPPA offer their own Institute scholarships – see regional criteria for scholarship application procedures).

The GAPPA Board of Directors will determine the number of scholarships to be awarded annually based on the availability of funds.  GAPPA Scholarships are awarded in the amount of up to $3,000 annually, for four years, to cover the cost of tuition, books, and travel expenses, including lodging and meals, for attendance in the following:

  1. Attendance at APPA Institute for Facilities Management

The scholarship award will be made for the applicant to attend all four phases of the Institute program.  At least one phase should be attended annually.


  1. Attendance at the APPA Leadership Academy

The scholarship award will be made for the applicant to attend all four levels of the Academy.  At least one phase should be attended annually.


  1. Attendance at a degree-track program from an accredited educational institution, job related vocational or technical training, certifications or licenses (i.e. HVAC, Pesticides, EPA, etc.), and for attendance at professional development seminars.

Individuals should complete the Application Form, collect the appropriate signatures, and submit as indicated on the form.  The Board of Directors reviews scholarship applications at its quarterly meetings.  Therefore, applications must be received before July 15, October 15, January 15 and April 15 each year to ensure consideration at the next board meeting.  Applicants and their immediate supervisors will be notified when the application is approved.

Scholarship recipients should enroll in their first courses within one year of the award date.  Recipients or their Institution will be responsible for all costs associated with the applicant’s coursework.  Upon successful completion of each course, a Request for Reimbursement should be submitted to the GAPPA Scholarship Chairperson and should include copies of all expenses (tuition/registration, travel, lodging, meals, books) and a copy of completion certificates or grades.  The Request for Reimbursement should indicate to whom the payment should be sent (individual or institution).

Scholarships that are not used within eight years will be rescinded.

As a scholarship recipient, you may be asked to present a discussion at the Annual Meeting or other GAPPA events.

Scholarship Committee Chair:  Michelle M. Goff * East Georgia State College * 478-289-2096 *